NAEC Lishui production base was established in May,2012 and responsible for the production of the whole company. It occupies 50000㎡, of which 20000㎡ for standard modern workshop, 8000㎡ for heavy-duty modern workshop, and 5000㎡ for office building.

The production base has three plants including accessory manufacture plant, equipment assembly plant and project general assembly plant, which used for the base accessory manufacture, unit equipment manufacture and assembly for production line and fabrication production line integration.

The accessory manufacture plant includes cold working workshop and metal processing workshop. The cold working workshop equipped with steel shot blasting unit, CNC material cutting unit, plate structure component production unit, structural section production unit, new product production unit, structural section cleaning & painting unit, which can realize streamlined production from shot blasting to material cutting, welding and painting. The metal processing workshop is equipped with CNC lathe, CNC processing center, CNC electric discharge machine, CNC linear cutting machine, etc. high precision automatic production equipments and planer milling machine, floor-type boring and milling machine, etc. super-huge type processing equipments, which are designed for production line with LEAN production.

Unit equipment assembly workshop includes precision equipment assembly unit, welding assistant assembly unit, tank and new product assembly unit. Each assembly unit can satisfy the supply for eight sets standard production lines and one set new production line each month.

Project general assembly plant includes four standard project team and one new production line project team. Standard production line project team can finish integrating two sets standard production lines each month and new production line project team can finish integrating one set new production line or specially made production line. Lishui production base with the production idea ”standard, professional, high-efficient, in order ” to produce modern lean-fabrication production line for lean-fabrication solution, exceed clients’ requirement for quality and delivery time.