R&D capability is the resource of company growing and customer trust. NAEC R&D center targets at how to enhance equipment working quality, how to improve equipment working efficiency and how to help customer better manage his fabrication project.

NAEC has a reliable and continuous improving R& D team, now we have 5 R&D divisions:
1. Mechanical & Hydraulic R&D Dept.
2. Electric & Electronic R&D Dept.
3. Welding Tech R&D Dept.
4. IT R& D Dept.
5. Intellectual Property Dept.

NAEC R&D team is good at

  • Understanding customer’s demands
  • Solving bottleneck of the project
  • Optimizing project planning by comprehensive point of view
  • Maximizing productivity in unit area
  • Fully implementation of advanced design

Our R&D capability come from our continuous tests of new technology and new equipments, trace of customer’s project from the planning stage to project completion, thus developing together with customer.

By the end of year 2012, we have totally 1 Invention Patent Certificate, 41 Utility Models Patent Certificate and 6 High and New-tech Equipment certificate.