Pipe Spool Fabrication Solution

Pipe Spool Fabrication System (Containerized Type)

Pipe Spool Fabrication System (Workshop Type)

Based on our deep understanding of fabrication technologies, two decades of R&D of fabrication solutions, and our practical experience, our company specializes in providing pipe spool lean fabrication one stop solution. We can design customer's whole fabrication workshop even their fabrication plant according to customer's project workload and workshop conditions, etc. All of the design aim at improving production efficiency, ensuring fabrication quality, and increasing customer's benefits. Our solution can not only reduce customer's cost, but also help them to improve management.


1. suitable for pipes range from 2 to 60inch

2. suitable for C. S, S. S, AL. S pipe materials

3. reducing project fabrication cost to 0.25 manhour per dia.inch

4. automatic fabrication rate can be 80%

5. first Xray qualification rate no more than 99.5%

6. apply programmed innovated WPS for various pipe parameters

7. investment payback is much sooner than expected