NAEC provides optimized consulting/planning/designing/ implementing and services to EPC companies, construction companies, fabrication companies for Oil & Gas and other energy industries. We are professional to provide a package of solutions to help customers achieve higher quality, high efficiency, and good management of fabrication projects, thus increasing customers’ value.

We can help you with the following:
  • Planning your workshop, including planning of whole workshop work piece flow, design and management of fabrication facility, design of detailed fabrication workflow and steps, management of QA/QC, management of whole task, design of management software, etc.

  • Providing all facilities of production lines including material shot blasting and painting, cutting, edge beveling, fitting-up, welding, handling, non-destructive testing (DR/UR), PWHT

  • Providing management system covering the entire lifecycle of a project from its preliminary material list, through planning, designing, and to final implementation

  • Providing fast-installation and dismountable solution of workshop.

  • Providing Pre-WPS and supporting clients to do WPS/PQR that meet API650, ASME, AWS standards, etc.