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The pipeline lean prefabrication solution is a general term for a series of management systems. According to different functions, it includes four parts: prefabricated design system, prefabricated plan management system, production process management system and prefabricated information information system, plus lean prefabrication production. Execution system, these five parts form the main framework of the lean prefabricated overall solution.




Prefabricated design system: based on the data of the design drawings, complete the automatic dismantling of the design drawings, automatic statistical workload, automatic formation of materials and bills of materials;

Prefabricated plan management system: based on the complete prefabricated process flow and basic data such as production line capacity, complete the preparation of task plan, the formulation of raw material demand plan, and the automatic allocation of production tasks;

Lean prefabricated production line system: the lean prefabricated production execution system, which is the basis for ensuring the capacity/quality of the prefabricated project and the implementation of the value;

Production process management system: based on wireless terminal, coding device and kanban system, complete prefabrication process tracking, work progress monitoring and quality management;

Prefabricated data informatization system: collect and summarize information in the prefabricated design stage, prefabricated plan management stage, prefabricated production stage and process management stage, complete big data accumulation, facilitate continuous improvement of prefabrication management, and output various reports after prefabrication is completed. And statements;




The design drawings of the IDF/PCF/PDF format of the Engineering Design Institute are imported into the prefabricated design system, ie the drawing design system or the drawing splitting system, to complete the automatic drawing of the design drawings, the automatic statistical workload, and the automatic formation of materials and materials. List and other work;

The work package is sent to the prefabricated management system to complete the preparation of the mission plan, the formulation of the raw material demand plan, and the automatic assignment of production tasks;

Prefabricated production begins to be implemented, and quality traceability and precast progress monitoring are carried out through the production process management system during the prefabrication process;

The prefabricated data informatization system, that is, the database system collects and summarizes information at various stages in the prefabrication process, and outputs various reports and reports after the prefabrication is completed.



Prefabricated design system


Pipe prefabricated production line system


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