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Multi-function heavy pipe fitting up center

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Heavy Duty Type Multifunctional Fitting Up Station

The heavy duty type multifunction fitting up station is an exclusive station self developed and designed by NAEC based on many years' fabrication concept, also combined with many years' fitting up & welding experience and onsite condition. It is mainly consisted of multifunction fitting up machine*1, flange fitting up machine*1, rotating driving mechanism (driving*1, idler*1)*1, which can fit up flange and elbow, reduce fitting up time, shorten fabrication cycle and improve fitting up efficiency.

Multifunctional fitting up machine is mainly used to fit up elbow, and it is consisted of base, sliding platform, operation platform, rotating driving mechanism etc. It can do automatic left/right adjustment, manually control axial rotating further to fit up elbow and pipe spool end. When fit up elbow, hoist elbow onto platform, aim to the center locating line, then do fitting up work with pipe spool.

Flange fitting up machine is mainly used to fit up flange, which consisted of base, sliding platform, working platform etc. Based on different flange specification, choose the corresponding flange fixture device. When fit up flange, rotate flange fitting up machine parallel to ground and hoist flange on the platform of flange fitting up machine, fixed with bolt, then turn the working platform in 90°, do fitting up with pipe spool.

Rotating driving mechanism (one driving, one idler), mainly used to support pipe and do horizontal moving, consisted of roller, lifting component, base, wheel etc., it can do automatic lifting, convenient for fitting up of pipe spool to elbow or flange. Wheels installed at the bottom of base, is for rotating driving mechanism horizontal moving along with rail skid, the detailed position can be adjusted according to actual requirement. Allocate with position locking function, the distance between two rollers is adjustable, suitable for pipe spool fitting up in all kinds of specification (24''-60'').

This station is based on pipe spool fitting up requirement, through adjusting the relative position of driving/idler type rotator to do fittings, flange, elbow fitting up, which can not only guarantee the locating precision, but simplify the locating mechanism, simple and practical, also improve the working efficiency greatly.


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➤ Suitable pipe diameter range: 24"-60";

➤ Suitable pipe spool shape: elbow, straight pipe etc;

➤ Loading capacity of platform: 10T;

➤ Left/right adjustment range of platform: ±200mm;

➤ Left/right adjustment method of platform: motorized;

➤ Transmission method: screw and rod.