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Cantilever welding machine

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Column & Boom Type Welding Machine

AUTO CWM630-A 630 type column & boom type welding station is self developed and designed by NAEC based on many years' lean-fabrication concept, and experience in pipe spool fabrication, also combined with on-site condition, whose independent intellectual property rights owned by NAEC.

It is consisted of column & boom type welding machine, motorized extension manipulator, chuck type driving mechanism, pipe supporter, rail skid, man-machine interface control system, Miller welding system and electric control system etc.

It is mainly able to finish the welding of pipe + pipe/flange/elbow butt seam TIG, RMD root pass, TIG, GMAW, SAW fill & cap pass welding.

It has the characters of high welding efficiency, good welding quality, convenient operation, also can effectively reduce the labor intensity etc.


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Equipment Performance

➤ It is integrated with several processes like TIG/MIG/SAW etc, to meet the automatic root pass welding, fill, cap pass welding requirement of pipe in several materials such as C.S, S.S, A.S, Nickel Alloy, AL and Aluminum Alloy, with high utilization rate, able to avoid repeat investment when finish projects in different materials, and improve competitiveness during bidding/construction;

➤ Able to finish pipe spool welding in several shapes such as fittings, flange, tee, reducer, further to realize deep fabrication of complex pipe spool, and the automatic welding rate is higher than 80%;

➤ Allocate with Miller double driving wire feeder and exclusive wire feeder for TIG, three torches can be installed at the same time to realize TIG/MIG/SAW process, further to avoid time waste caused by changing torch and wire reel.

➤ Chuck type driving mechanism allocated with pipe supporter to guarantee stable pipe rotating.

➤ Allocate more than 40 sets of verified WPS procedures, operator only needs to choose welding procedure through touch screen according to different pipe thickness, further to reduce manual intervention times.

➤ Regarding allocated PLC system & WPS, man-machine interface, remote control box, it is not necessary for operator to acquire sufficient professional skill and experience, only takes 7days at least to get operation skills of whole production line running.

➤ Equipment Specification: 24'', 32'', 48'', 72''.