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Variable radius sensor

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Changeable Radius Inductor

During automatic welding, pipe will twist along with axle direction, the changeable radius inductor will not directly contact with pipe therefore, it can guarantee the continuous heating during welding, which can solve the problem caused by traditional heating cable. In traditional way, cable needs to be pulled off during welding, so pipe can not get continuous heating, it is hard to control the layer temperature and difficult to avoid the influence to quality.

There are two specifications, one can suit 2''-12'' pipe, the other can suit 12''-32'' pipe. Each specification is made by insulation material with a certain intensity, which can support the heating cable disc and control the curve change of radius. Through exclusive protective aerial plug, the induction heating cable can connect with extension cable and form a circuit with power supply to heat work-piece. In this design, the heating cable is installed on changable radius heater, which can largely reduce the consumed quantity of cable and get lower cost, it can also save the labor and time in twisting and dismantling cable on pipe.

If motor power can reach the requirement, under certain condition (such as preheating for fitting up, preheating two welding seams at the same time etc.), it can also do heating on both sides of single joint or on two welding joints at the same time.

This system can realize numberical recording on whole heating curve period, adopt industrical touch screen, it can display, record and save the live temperature curve of six paths, save the live working condition of device and read figures through USB interface.

It is applied to preheating of power station, petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding etc, it is an ideal high efficiency assistant equipment for pipe spool fabrication.

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