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Automatic vertical tank inner seam welding system

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Vertical cylinder inner seam automatic welding system

The vertical inner seam automatic welding system of vertical cylinder is a vertical cylinder automatic welding equipment independently developed and produced according to the characteristics of vertical cylinder inverted construction, which is suitable for vertical cylinder inverted construction.

The vertical barrel vertical seam automatic welding system consists of three parts: pure inverted numerical control gas-electric vertical welding machine, basic installation, tank wall groove joint welding process development.Pure inverted CNC gas-electric vertical welding machine consists of movable multi-function welding trolley, welding trolley guide rail components, vertical welding and welding trolley, reverse cooling water tank, cooling water circulation system, welding power supply, gas cylinder frame assembly and gas cylinder, welding using wire feeder, digital control and electrical control system

The vertical barrel vertical seam automatic welding system can meet the welding thickness of 10mm-50mm, and the vertical seam welding trolley can adjust the lifting speed to achieve stable welding pool and controllable welding speed, and complete large vertical cylinder longitudinal weld. The main feature of the automatic welding work is that the water-cooled copper slider forces the single-pass welding longitudinal joint to be formed once, which greatly improves the welding quality and welding efficiency and reduces the labor intensity of the welder.


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Technical parameter

➤ Applicable diameter: vertical cylinder (including 8m) above Φ8m;

➤ Applicable materials: carbon steel, stainless steel;

➤ Applicable plate thickness: 10mm ~ 50mm;

➤ welding process: gas electric vertical welding, gas shielded welding (optional);

➤ Groove form: V-groove of 10m~25mm steel plate, X-shaped groove of 25m~50mm steel plate;

➤ Applicable panel: 1800m ~ 3200m;

➤ precision oscillator (linear moving skateboard);

➤ swing: ± 25mm;

➤ swing frequency: 0 ~ 120times / min;

➤ pause time: 0 ~ 3s;

➤ Applicable welding wire: Φ1.6mm gas shielded welding wire; Φ1.2mm gas shielded welding wire;

➤ protective gas: pure CO2;

➤ Construction method: both positive and negative.