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Automatic Bottom Butt / Fillet Seam Welding Machine(SADW)

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Bottom Butt Seam & Fillet Seam Welding Tractor (SADW)

Bottom Butt Seam & Fillet Seam Welding Tractor (SADW) is a new generation of high-efficiency vertical cylindrical tank bottom plate and large angle submerged arc automatic welding special machine that promoted, developed and produced by Nanjing Auto Electric Co.,Ltd, after absorbing new welding technology and new craft. It can realize the automatic welding of butt weld, lap fillet weld, t-type fillet weld and other forms of weld.It has high working efficiency, stable working performance, good welding quality and good working conditions.

The complete set of equipment is mainly composed of four-wheel drive welding, welding control box, welding power supply, wire feeder, travel control system, flux system, welding guide mechanism, welding gun guide mechanism, welding gun adjusting mechanism, control cable and so on.Relying on the strong magnetic adsorption device, the car can effectively ensure the operation of the right Angle seam, inner and outer ring corner seam.The system has good self-direction and smooth operation, which can ensure that the welding gun is always aligned with the welding seam.


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Technical parameter

➤ Applicable materials: low carbon steel, alloy steel, high strength steel, stainless steel;

➤ Diameter of adaptation: more than 8m vertical cylindrical tank or cylinder;

➤ Apply plate thickness: 8 ~ 50mm;

➤ Slope form: V, X type groove;

➤ Applicable location: flat butt and lap, internal and external fillet weld;

➤ Applicable wire: Φ2.4 mm ~ Φ4.8 mm submerged arc welding wire, 1.0 mm ground wire ;

➤ When the butt weld is welded, the V-groove is grounded by hand welding or manual gas shielded welding, add broken wire can be welded into shape once;

➤ Travel speed of rack: 0 ~ 1000mm/min stepless adjustable;

➤ The adjustment range of up, down and front of welding torch is -40mm ~ +20mm.

➤ Angle adjustment range of welding torch is 30° ~ 90°.