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Medium frequency preheating device

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Medium frequency preheating device

The medium frequency induction heating system is a special high-efficiency heating equipment specially developed for large-scale cylinders, towers and wind power towers by Nanjing Auto Electric Co., Ltd. The heating power supply and the adjustable radius sensor (pre-tropical support frame) are designed with the base with a universal wheel for easy movement between the various welding stations. Under certain working conditions, one-to-two method can be realized, and two welding ports are pre-heat treated at the same time. The AUTO medium frequency induction welding preheating system is small in size and light in weight, which is convenient for flexible transfer.

The system adopts the principle of medium frequency induction heating, which is specially used for preheating, heat preservation and post-heating of welds during automatic welding of cylinders. It is a special high-efficiency equipment for improving the preheating efficiency of the barrel welding and ensuring the welding quality. It is a multi-wall, alloy steel cylinder automatic welding digital, ideal heating equipment.

Technical indicator description

1) Accurate and reliable ZCS-IGBT inverter under DSP control

2) Perfect limit protection measures, the device has short circuit, overload, over voltage, over temperature protection and limit function, with transformer status detection. Both overcurrent and overvoltage have hardware and software protection.

3) The system has two independent control strategies of “automatic” and “manual”. Even if the control circuit is partially faulty, the “manual” mode can ensure the power supply continues to work, thus further improving the system reliability and continuous operation capability. “Manual” mode provides constant current operation mode and basic limit protection function; “Auto” mode provides more operation modes such as constant current, constant power, temperature closed loop, and segmentation timing, and provides more advanced functions.

4) In case of accidental protection or rapid switching or flickering of the power supply circuit, the device can be automatically monitored, the caller automatically resumes operation, and the production loss caused by the shutdown is avoided.

5) The device is equipped with a PID program, which is suitable for temperature closed-loop operation, and can also achieve temperature rise and temperature drop speed control. Due to the digital format, it is suitable for a variety of fast and slow temperature changes, temperature time constants range from 1 second to tens of thousands of seconds.

6) It includes various operation modes such as constant output current operation, constant output power operation, temperature closed-loop operation and segmented operation. The segmentation operation has built-in 32 programmable (panel input) running segments, each of which can set the operation mode and timing time (including the above operation mode and constant temperature rise rate operation), so the device can be operated according to the specified curve.

7) The device adopts a high-brightness dot matrix display unit to provide a Chinese display interface for the user, and the display operation is simple and the interface is user-friendly.

8) The device adopts a modular and simple design, which is not only beautiful inside and outside, but also easy to maintain.

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