Outer ring seam grinding machine / root cleaning machine
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Outer ring seam grinding machine / root cleaning machine

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Outer ring seam grinding machine / root cleaning machine

The horizontal cylinder outer ring seam clearing machine adopts the principle of high-efficiency grinding, which is used for the root cleaning of the outer cylinder ring and the residual height of the outer ring seam. The two functions of clearing root and remaining high grinding are realized by the replacement of different grinding heads. This station is mainly used for root cleaning of outer ring welds. Lightweight equipment, supporting travel mechanism and guide rails, can meet the requirements of different welding stations. The utility model has the advantages of high weld grinding efficiency, low labor intensity and good grinding quality, and is an ideal equipment for grinding the outer ring weld seam of the cylinder.

The equipment has been widely used in pressure vessel manufacturing, marine engineering construction, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, and electric power industries. It is applicable to various types of horizontal cylinder manufacturing processes such as pressure vessels, offshore platform conduits, pile pipes, casings, ribbed pipes and wind towers. It is a special high-efficiency equipment that guarantees the quality of roots, improves the qualification rate of welding, and improves production efficiency.


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Technical indicator description

➤ Diameter range: φ600mm~φ4000mm;

➤ Wall thickness range: ≤120mm;

➤ Grinding head seat lateral movement stroke (X): 450mm;

➤ The lateral movement speed of the grinding head seat: 220mm/min;

➤ Grinding head seat longitudinal movement stroke (Y): 1350mm;

➤ The longitudinal movement speed of the grinding head seat: 1000mm/min;

➤ Effective distance of moving base: 13000mm (determined by the length of the guide rail);

➤ Moving base walking speed: 3300mm/min;

➤ Grinding wheel specifications: Ф 650 × Ф 80 × 14 ~ 22mm;

➤ Grinding wheel line speed: 60m / s;

➤ Grinding wheel maximum clearing depth: 120mm;

➤ Belt specifications (circumference × width): 2800 × 100mm;

➤ Abrasive belt size: 36#~1200# (selected according to process requirements);

Belt line speed: 30m / s;

➤ Contact wheel specification: Φ300×100mm;

➤ Grinding floating stroke: ±50mm;

➤ Grinding head vertical rotation angle (A): +40o ~ -15o;

➤ Grinding head rotation angle (B): +8o ~ -15o;

➤ Grinding head motor model, power and speed: SM132L-2-B3, 18.5 kW, 2930r/min;

➤ Car moving motor power and speed: 0.55KW, 1400r/min;

➤ Vacuum motor power and speed: 5.5KW, 2890r/min;

➤ Maximum input power: ≈26kW;

➤ Gas source: 0.4Mpa ~ 0.6Mpa;

➤ Power supply: 3 phases, 380V ± 10%, 50Hz;

➤ Operating noise: ≤85dB (A);

➤ Machine weight: ≈ 8.5T;

➤ Mainframe dimensions (length × width × height): 2400 × 1900 × 2300mm.