Four-dimensional cylinder fitting up machine
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Four-dimensional cylinder fitting up machine

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Four-dimensional cylinder group

The pair of machines are mainly used for group work of the cylinders. Each set of machines is composed of a single cylinder group pair system, a long cylinder rotation system, a guide rail, a hydraulic system, an electric control system, an operating system and the like. During work, the hydraulic system can realize the adjustment of the up, down, left and right, front and back, and wrong variables of the cylinder joint, which can accurately adjust the gap of the pair, the position of the weld joint and the wrong variable, minimize the labor of the group, improve the group pair efficiency of the cylinder ring seam, and ensure the pair quality.

The barrel joint length group includes a set pair machine, a rotary roller module and a lifting conveyor module. The group upper roller assembly can be applied to the smaller length of the cylinder section and can realize the turning function. When the two cylinder sections are paired, the pair is realized by making one tube segment move up, down and left and right relative to another tube segment. The group has the functions of left shift, right shift, ascending and descending rotation, etc., which can conveniently and quickly control group matching elements such as levelness, gap, and wrong side quantity to be achieved


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Technical indicator description

➤ Suitable for single cylinder length: 2.0-3.0m;

➤ Applicable cylinder diameter: 1.0-5.0m;

➤ Length after extension: ≤50m;

➤ Single cylinder weight: ≤20t;

➤ Group to the system up and down movement stroke: 150mm;

➤ Group to the system left and right movement stroke: 100mm;

➤ Tube rotation speed: 150-1500mm/min;

➤ Control mode: total console + remote control box.