Automatic external longitudinal seam welding machine
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Automatic external longitudinal seam welding machine

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External longitudinal seam automatic welding machine

The outer longitudinal seam welding machine is a welding auxiliary equipment with wide application and high degree of automation. It can meet the welding requirements of various welding methods of different workpieces by lifting and telescopic of the cross arm. This machine is equipped with a flux recovery system to automatically complete the recovery and transportation of flux during various barrel welding. The front end of the cross arm is equipped with an automatic (submerged arc) welder for automatic welding. The device can be combined with a welding roller frame or a welding displacement unit to synthesize an automatic welding center, which is suitable for automatic welding of the outer longitudinal joint of a cylindrical metal structural member, greatly improves the welding quality and the welding efficiency. Now it is widely used in wind towers, pressure vessels, boilers, petrochemicals, shipbuilding, automotive, steel structures, etc.

This equipment is a column-type welding operation machine developed and designed by our company in the field of welding products in many years at home and abroad. The equipment has advanced structure, complete functions, flexible control and convenient operation. It is one of the ideal equipments for improving welding quality and achieving welding automation.

The automatic welding system used in this set consists of key configurations such as the US Miller Summit Arc 1250 multi-function welding power supply, RAD400 wire feeder, and HDC1500DX digital welding program control box. Single filament single arc or double wire double arc can be selected. Square wave AC + square wave AC double wire double arc submerged arc welding can achieve low temperature welding (≤ 30KJ/cm) effect, improve the mechanical properties of the weld and eliminate the magnetic influence of the workpiece. The welding pass rate is improved, and the efficiency is 15% higher than the conventional DC + AC double wire double arc welding.


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Technical indicator description

➤ Applicable workpiece minimum pipe diameter: φ600 (customized minimum meets φ350mm);

➤ Horizontal effective stroke of the beam: 4500mm;

➤ Beam end payload: 500kg;

➤ Electric trolley walking speed: 110-1100mm/min (frequency conversion);

➤ Input power: 3PH AC 380V, 50HZ;

➤ Electric cross plate adjustment range: 50mm;

➤ Trolley track center distance / track type: 1330mm / 22kg.m;

➤ Wire feeding speed: 1.3-20m/min;

➤ Applicable wire diameter: 3.0/4.2mm;

➤ Arc striking method: scratching the arc;

➤ Monitoring system parameters: industrial camera + 17 inch LCD display;

➤ Recovery machine parameters: LT-HS100E;

➤ The wall thickness range of the cylinder: ≥10mm (the maximum thickness range is determined by the roller frame specifications);

➤ Longitudinal seam length: ≤4000mm (including arc striking plate and arc-receiving plate);

➤ Welding process: submerged arc welding;

➤ The lowest point height of the cylinder: >800mm;

➤ Configuration power supply: welding power supply: Miller Summit Arc 1250 (AC and DC); wire feeder: Miller RAD400;

➤ Control box: Miller HDC1500DX;

➤ Adjustable roller frame: optional on demand.

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