Automatic internal longitudinal seam welding machine
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Automatic internal longitudinal seam welding machine

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Internal longitudinal seam automatic welding machine

The AUTO ILS-A horizontal cylinder internal longitudinal seam automatic welding machine produced by Nanjing Auto Electric Co., Ltd. is a self-made automatic welding equipment for the longitudinal seam in the cylinder in combination with the requirements of the customer.The company has in-depth understanding and research on the characteristics and related standards of the offshore engineering management that the customer is engaged in, and has investigated the existing equipment and manufacturing process of the user, and integrated the implementation technology and experience that the company has already mastered on the equipment.The submerged arc welding process is used for the automatic welding of the longitudinal seam of the rolled steel pipe. The minimum longitudinal diameter φ600 (customized minimum meets φ350mm) and the maximum longitudinal joint length of 4000mm (the effective stroke of the beam is 4500mm) are automatically formed by the special welding head. The submerged arc bottoming filling cover operation has the advantages of comprehensive functions, stable welding process, high efficiency and good quality.

The equipment has been widely used in marine engineering, pipe manufacturing, pressure vessels, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, and tower industries. It is applicable to the manufacturing process of various types of horizontal cylinders such as ducts, pile pipes, casings, ribbed pipes, pipes, pressure vessels, wind towers, power towers, and communication towers. It is a special high-efficiency automatic welding equipment that guarantees welding quality, improves welding qualification rate and improves production efficiency.


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Technical indicator description

➤ Applicable workpiece minimum pipe diameter: φ600 (customized minimum meets φ350mm);

➤ Horizontal effective stroke of the beam: 4500mm;

➤ Beam end payload: 500kg;

➤ Electric trolley walking speed: 110-1100mm/min (frequency conversion);

➤ Input power: 3PH AC 380V, 50HZ;

➤ Electric cross plate adjustment range: 50mm;

➤ Trolley track center distance / track type: 1330mm / 22kg.m;

➤ Wire feeding speed: 1.3-20m/min;

➤ Applicable wire diameter: 3.0/4.2mm;

➤ Arc striking method: scratching the arc;

➤ Monitoring system parameters: industrial camera + 17 inch LCD display;

➤ Recovery machine parameters: LT-HS100E;

➤ The wall thickness range of the cylinder: ≥10mm (the maximum thickness range is determined by the roller frame specifications);

➤ Longitudinal seam length: ≤4000mm (including arc striking plate and arc-receiving plate);

➤ Welding process: submerged arc welding;

➤ The lowest point height of the cylinder: >800mm;

➤ Configuration power supply: welding power supply: Miller Summit Arc 1250 (AC and DC); wire feeder: Miller RAD400;

➤ Control box: Miller HDC1500DX;

➤ Adjustable roller frame: optional on demand.

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