Efficient single-head single-side milling machine
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Efficient single-head single-side milling machine

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Efficient edge milling machine

The high-efficiency edge milling machine produced by Nanjing Auto Electric Co., Ltd. is a new generation of high-efficiency milling equipment. It is developed to meet the welding process of double-sided grooving of steel plates in petroleum, petrochemical and shipbuilding industries and improve milling efficiency.It uses the imported milling heads to be placed on the two milling transmissions respectively, and the upper and lower faces of the edge of the steel plate are simultaneously grooved, and the milling speed can be up to 1m/min. Compared with the traditional milling machines on the market, the milling efficiency of this equipment will be more than four times, which is the replacement product of the traditional milling machine, which is the first in China.

At the same time, the equipment can be milled in different forms according to requirements, such as straight edge processing, X-shaped and Y-shaped groove before welding, which can improve product quality and work efficiency, reduce energy consumption and reduce labor intensity. It is the latest advanced equipment for processing the groove.


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Technical Parameters

➤ power source :3PH,AC380V,50/60Hz

➤ Structure: welded structure, combined assembly

➤ Functional mode: single/double main power milling head, single/double side milling

➤ Milling head model: U12

➤ Milling bevel Angle range: 0-45°

➤ Suitable for plate material: carbon steel, alloy steel, etc

➤ Applicable plate thickness: 60mm

➤ Maximum primary processing plate size (length × width) : 6.1m (12m) ×3.0m

➤ Milling speed: 0.05-1m/min

➤ Milling speed control mode: frequency conversion stepless speed control

➤ Milling fast moving speed: 5m/min

➤ Milling spindle speed: 66-660rpm

➤ Milling spindle shifting mode: manual, 8th gear

➤ Table height: 1000mm

➤ Input power: 20.2KW

Equipment model: high efficiency single-head single-side milling machine, high-efficiency double-head double-sided milling machine.