325 single head double drive welding station
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325 single head double drive welding station

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Single-head double-drive welding station

The 325 single-head double-drive welding station produced by Nanjing Auto Electric Co., Ltd. is a special welding station with independent intellectual property rights. It is based on many years of lean production thinking planning, and with the help of accumulated years of experience in pipeline prefabrication production line production and combined with the actual site use of customers to develop the design.The automatic welding station is composed of cantilever pipeline automatic welding machine, chuck type pipeline driving machine, pressure arm roller mechanism, lifting support, light steel track module, man-machine dialogue control system, American miller welding system and electrical control system.Mainly completed the welding of TIG and tig-p base filling cover of butt weld of straight pipe + straight pipe/flange/elbow.The automatic welding center has the advantages of hot wire argon arc function, arc length automatic tracking system and line energy automatic control system, high welding efficiency, high welding quality, convenient operation and effective reduction of labor intensity of workers.


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The main technical parameters

➤ Raw material: carbon steel, stainless steel, copper-nickel alloy, nickel-based composite pipe, etc.;

➤ Welding groove forms: V, double V, U, etc.

➤ Scope of pipe diameter: dn50-dn300 (2" ~ 12" or diameter of pipe phi 60mm-325mm);

➤ adapt to the wall thickness of the pipe: 3-25mm;

➤ meet the maximum length of the workpiece: 2000mm;

➤ cross arm lifting method: electric

➤ cross arm lifting structure: screw nut pair;

➤ cross arm lifting stroke: 900mm;

➤ cross arm telescopic mode: electric;

➤ cross arm telescopic stroke: 450mm;

➤ trolley walking mode: electric;

➤ control system: touch screen man-machine dialogue mode;

➤ operation mode: WPS welding program control system + remote control box dual mode control;

➤ control system: PLC CNC;

➤ Welding process adaptation range: TIG, TIG-P, hot wire TIG bottom filling surface welding process.

➤ Group pair requirements: pipe group pair clearance (the data is based on the common wall pair gap value of the pipe wall thickness): TIG: 1.5 ~ 3.0mm; pipe group wrong side: 2.0mm or less;

➤ Adapt to TIG wire diameter: φ1.2mm;

➤ Track: 12kg class light rail.