3500 left angle fillet cantilever welding station
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3500 left angle fillet cantilever welding station

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Left-angle fillet cantilever welding station

The horizontal cylinder ring seam welding station consists of welding machine, awelding rotary roller mechanism, matching guide rail, welding system and control system. The welding manipulator is specially designed for automatic welding of horizontal cylinders. It has electric walking function and fillet weld welding floating automatic tracking control function.Cooperate with the rotary drive mechanism to realize the automatic rotary welding of the workpiece, which can complete the automatic welding of the butt joint seam and the angular joint to ensure a good welding effect. The operating machine consists of a near-control, remote-controlled dual-mode welding control system, a WPS welding program controller, an American Miller pipe automatic welding system, and an electrical control system.The welding rotary roller mechanism is an adjustable roller frame, and the device is mainly composed of a fuselage body, a rubberized roller, a rotary drive mechanism, and a traveling mechanism (mobile roller frame). It is mainly used to support and hold the cylinder, adjust the horizontal level of the cylinder, etc., to ensure that the cylinder is welded smoothly. The welding rotary roller mechanism is configured by two active slewing roller frames, one of which is an active walking type, and one of which has a fixed roller type.


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The main technical parameters

➤ Adapt to the outer diameter of the cylinder: the outer diameter of the cylinder is φ500mm~φ2500mm (working station);

➤ adapt to the weld form: butt joint seam;

➤ Adapt to the wall thickness of the cylinder: 8mm-23mm;

➤ Adapted material: carbon steel (Q245R.Q345R), alloy steel;

➤ Meet the length of the workpiece: 1500-6000mm (working station);

➤ cross arm lifting method: electric;

➤ cross arm lifting structure: screw drive;

➤ cross arm lifting stroke: 2000mm;

➤ cross arm telescopic mode: electric;

➤ cross arm telescopic structure: gear rack and pinion;

➤ cross arm telescopic stroke: 2000mm;

➤ trolley walking mode: electric;

➤ maximum walking speed of the trolley: 3m/min;

➤ control system: touch screen man-machine dialogue mode;

➤ Operation mode: WPS welding program control system + remote control manual box dual mode control;

➤ welding system: American Miller Pipeworx welding system;

➤ control system: PLC numerical control;

➤ welding bottoming process: RMD bottoming welding function;

➤ Adapted wire diameter: MIG/MAG/RMD welding process: φ1.2mm, solid wir