Circumferential &Longitudinal Seam Welding Station
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Circumferential &Longitudinal Seam Welding Station

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Allocated with camera on welding head for internal circumferential and longitudinal seam welding, easy for operating.

With welding seam automatic tracking system

AC+DC double-wire double-arc, AC+AC with more technology and high efficiency for option.

Matched with NAEC four-dimension fitting up station and conveyor system that accomplish fabrication line.

Matched with our specially designed flexible curved mid-frequency pre-heating system

Cooperating with our automatic seam gouging machine to achieve high efficiency and quality in welding

Model: 600mm -8000mm for option, length: 3m/6m/9m/12m for option

Optional square wave AC + square wave AC double arc double wire SAW welding process can achieve low heat input (≤ 30KJ/cm) welding to improve the mechanical properties of the welding seam, eliminate workpiece magnetic influence on welding process to increase first welding qualification rate, higher welding deposition efficiency, which is 15% higher than the efficiency of traditional DC + AC double arc double wire welding process

One machine with multiple use which is economical and area saving

With different model that ranges suitable for Min. 600mm tubular diameter.

Adopt U.S MILLER Subarc DC1250 multi-functional power source with optimized Sub Arc welding process and advanced arc feature.

U.S MILLER digital welding process control box that can be used for AC/DC with dual feature of CC/CV. Also with function of process data storage coding function etc.

With flux recycling system effectively filtering flux with no dust.

Double-wire double arc welding process is as optional which with high efficiency. (One end or both ends can mount with welding head and wire reels, including tandem type)

Can match with NAEC four-dimension fitting up station and conveyor system that accomplish fabrication line.

Supporting mid-frequency pre-heating system and post-heating system

Can adopt tandem SAW welding process (single wire single arc as option)

Supporting mid-frequency induction pre-heating system and post-heating system

Boom extension length optional for selection: Specification : 6m/9m/12m

Three head tandem SAW welding machine was developed based on customer's needs

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