Movable Type Pipe Spool Fabrication Solution

Pipe Spool Lean Fabrication Solution

There are two kinds of pipeline prefabrication system in our pipeline prefabrication overall solution, one is fixed overall solution, the other is mobile overall solution. We will choose the most suitable pipe prefabrication system according to the actual situation of our customers.

In order to achieve the end goal of "to meet the needs of the installation site of the project for the prefabricated pipe segment", starting from the end, the lean production idea is used to construct a series of lean process of the necessary prefabrication activities for customers, which provides a scientific and effective working idea for solving various problems encountered in the production and management of pipeline prefabrication at the current project site. It provides a theoretical basis and framework for achieving the goal of "higher quality, faster delivery time and lower prefabrication cost".


Suitable for 2 "to 60" pipe diameter range;

Suitable for carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel, white copper and duplex stainless steel;

Reduce the labor hour cost to 0.25man.hour/d.i;

The first pass rate of X-ray fluoroscopy is not less than 99.5%;

Provide factory solutions for quick installation and disassembly;

Provide pre WPS and WPS / PQR conforming to API650, ASME, AWS and other international and domestic standards.

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