Human Resources



Olympic Sports puts talents at the height of the company's strategic development and adheres to the social responsibility principle of people-oriented, corporate and employee growth.

In order to better stabilize and attract outstanding talents, give full play to the role of outstanding talents in the development of the company and ensure the implementation of the company's long-term sustainable development strategy.

The company has established a number of regulations to attract outstanding talents, providing diversified promotion channels for different job sequences, and providing a broad space for outstanding talents to achieve personal value.


Talent is the most important resource for a company. Based on the “people-oriented” philosophy, NAEC created opportunities for employees and helped them grow, develop and succeed. At the same time of its rapid development, NAEC has also established a solid team full of wisdom and integrity. This team has been continuously creating high-speed achievements and winning achievements in the past 12 years; it has become the most important strategy for enterprise development. We are committed to providing our employees with a dynamic and creative work environment, and we are convinced that this work environment will bring mutual development to both employees and the company.

NAEC's human resources strategy is closely related to the company's development strategy. In the next 5-10 years, our talent strategy goal is to introduce and cultivate a professional, complex, and international top talent team with international competitiveness and international thinking. Using a variety of human resources development tools, NAEC has established a highly competitive talent highland through its domestic base. At the same time, facing the world, it strives to become a more attractive global metal engineering industry in the next 5-10 years. High-speed development of advanced technology enterprises. The constantly developing NAEC corporate culture, highly competitive salary, multi-channel career development plan, perfect evaluation system, and continuous improvement of the motivation of outstanding talents are all our efforts to help employees achieve their own development. The realization of employee personal value and corporate social value is the goal that our talent strategy is trying to achieve.