Chuck Type Driving Mechanism(Positioner)
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Chuck Type Driving Mechanism(Positioner)

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Multifunctional positioner is an automatic positioner independently developed by Nanjing NAEC Electric Co., Ltd. Combined with pipe lifting support and track, the equipment can realize straight pipe + flange, short pipe + flange, flange + elbow, short pipe + elbow, etc. for supporting and holding pipe, adjusting pipe level and center height.

Multifunctional positioner is a kind of tooling and positioner specially designed for pipe welding production. It is mainly composed of frame, rotary roller, pipe pressing mechanism, positioner and electric control system. It is mainly used for special welding tooling of pipe, pipe fitting and flange. It can realize 360 ° rotation of the pipe and ± 45 ° displacement of the pipe. It can overcome a certain rotation eccentric moment and ensure the continuous and stable rotation of the pipe. At the same time, it is convenient to transform the fillet weld of the flange into the ship weld for welding. It is mainly used to change the welding process of butt weld or fillet weld of straight pipe + pipe fitting, convenient for manual or automatic welding, and can meet the production requirements of seamless steel pipe and seamless steel pipe.

The pipe support can be adjusted up and down, and the pipe diameter can be adjusted by two gears. It has the advantages of practicality, reliability, good alignment, smooth rotation, wide range of workpieces and simple operation. It is one of the ideal auxiliary equipment in the process of pipe welding. The equipment is composed of walking trolley, lifting mechanism and movable roller, which is mainly used to support and hold the pipe, adjust the level of the pipe and adjust the center height of the pipe. There are four wheels installed in the lower part of the trolley, which can make the whole equipment walk back and forth on the pre laid track. The position of the equipment depends on the length of the pipe in the working process. The equipment has the function of positioning and locking. The safe and reliable locking system can avoid micro movement affecting the forming quality of the weld.

The workpiece rotation control system has the basic functions of pause, acceleration and deceleration control. The workpiece rotation speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion. In addition to the manual operation button in the operation box, it is also equipped with foot switch to realize linkage control for convenient operation.

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