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Pressure head type welding machine

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Pressure Head Type Elbow Welding Machine

It is an exclusive equipment for heavy duty welding of pipe with large diameter in C.S, A.S, L.T.S, S.S, D.S.S, Nickel Alloy etc., based on many years' experience in pipe spool fabrication, also combined with on-site condition.

It is consisted of pressure head type elbow welding machine, pipe supporter, rail skid, welding control system, Miller welding system and electric control system etc., which can complete TIG root pass, SAW fill & cap pass welding of pipe + pipe, pipe + flange, pipe + elbow etc. butt seam.

It can effectively control the eccentric force during rotating process of eccentric fittings to guarantee the welding stability. It can realize suspending, positive/negative rotating and VF speed adjusting function during rotating. The welding torch adjustment mechanism can realize up/down, left/right and angle adjustment.

Adopt imported Miller welding power supply and relative exclusive assistant equipment to realize TIG, SAW welding, further to satisfy the welding requirement of pipe in several thickness on site.


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Technical Character

➤ Suitable raw material pipe: C.S, A.S, S.S etc;

➤ Suitable beveling shape: V shape, compound V shape and U shape etc;

➤ Suitable pipe fittings shape: pipe-pipe, pipe-flange, pipe-elbow, pipe-eccentric pipe, pipe-tee etc. (elbow radius ≤1.5D, D means pipe diameter);

➤ Suitable single pipe length range: Max 12m;

➤ Operation method: WPS system + remote control box;

➤ Welding system: Miller welding system;

➤ Suitable welding process range: TIG for root pass welding; hot-wire TIG, SAW for fill and cap pass welding;

➤ Fitting up requirement on butt seam joint: land <1mm, misalignment ≤2mm, based on different misalignments, fitting up gap can be 1.5-3.0mm or 2.0-3.5mm correspondingly.

➤ Suitable welding wire diameter: φ1.2mm for TIG, φ1.6, φ2.0, φ2.4mm for SAW process.

Equipment Specification

16'', 24'', 32'', 48'', 60''.