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Post-weld heat treatment device

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Post Welding Heating Treatment Device

The mid-frequency induction heating treatment system is an exclusive device for pipe spool fabrication self developed by NAEC. Adopt mid-frequency induction heating principle, it is mainly applied to welding seam heating treatment during automatic welding, which can greatly improve heating treatment efficiency and guarantee welding quality, also ca meet the heavy thickness pipe welding requirement. Under a certain condition, it can do heat treatment on two joints at the same time.


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Equipment Character:

➤ High heating efficiency: the welding joint can be heated to 100℃ within 10min, Max. 788℃.

➤ Low cost: one set induction cable can suit pipe spool in several specifications, greatly reduce the consumed quantity of cable.

➤ High utilization rate: adopt movable type design, after heating treatment of one seam finished, manually push the platform to next station and continue to do heating with convenient transmission.

➤ High safety: all operations can be finished on ground, no fire or thermal energy radiation, effectively reduce the safety risk of operators.

➤ Multi-control thermocouple input: the thermocouple can control the hottest and coldest temperature to guarantee even heating, further to guarantee quality.

➤ Insulation invalidation protection: when short circuit occurs, it can automatically cut off the system, and leave one induction wire to feedback the invalidation condition to power supply directly.

➤ This system can realize numberical recording on whole heating curve period, adopt industrical touch screen, it can display, record and save the live temperature curve of six paths, save the live working condition of device and read figures through USB interface.

➤ High efficient heating technology: adopt mid-frequency induction heating technology, which can get 90% thermal energy conversion rate, and meet the heating requirement of large scale horizontal shell welding.

➤ Water cooling technology: adopted water cooling technology can effectively guarantee the cable life cycle and efficiency, evenness of heating treatment.