Two-way logistics discharge device
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Two-way logistics discharge device

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The AUTO BLOD630 two-way logistics discharge device produced by Nanjing Auto Automation Co., Ltd. is designed and developed independently by the company based on the idea of lean production for many years.It draws on the production experience of pipeline prefabrication production line accumulated for many years, and combines the actual on-site usage of customers for straight pipe logistics and two-way cutting.It mainly consists of conveying parts, turning components, 2-way hydraulic station, limit device, cable reel assembly, walking trolley and 24m track.The design of the device is reasonable and compact, and the hydraulic station, the electric control box and other components are integrated into the device to form an integrated two-way logistics device, and the synchronous lifting of the unloading and lowering oil cylinders is controlled by the two sides to ensure the two-way turning and feeding is stable. In design, compared with the conventional logistics device, the arm-turning mechanism is omitted, and the structural design is simpler, more reasonable, and more convenient for transportation.

The two-way logistics discharge device can realize the following functions:

(1) It can be used for electric conveying roller in stationary logistics;

(2) The device can be electrically driven on its track, realize automatic feeding, transshipment and conveying of pipes to other roller tables;

(3) In design, compared with the conventional logistics device, the flip arm mechanism is omitted, and the hydraulic station is used to realize two-way turning and discharging to the rack.


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Technical Parameters

➤ Delivery pipe diameter range: 2"-24";

➤ Conveying pipe material: CS, SS;

➤ Length of conveying pipe: 1000mm-6000mm;

➤ Maximum total weight of bearing pipe fitting: 6T, the carrying capacity of the conveying component is 1.3T/m;

➤ Travel motor power: 1.5KW, walking speed range: 0-6830mm / min;

➤ Conveying motor power 2.2KW, conveying speed range 0-27340mm / min;

➤ Hydraulic station motor power: 2.2KW, cylinder stroke: 150mm, lifting time is about 8s;

➤ Design conveyor roller turning angle: 20°

➤ Track length: 24 meters;

➤ The total length of the cable is 40 meters, and the length of the cable reel is 26 meters.