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Automatic Vertical Seam Welding Machine (EGW)

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Automatic Vertical Seam Welding Machine (EGW)

Automatic Vertical Seam Welding Machine is an automatic welding equipment independently developed and produced by Nanjing Aote Automation Co., Ltd. according to the characteristics of the tank's forward/reverse construction. It combines the technology of self-protecting vertical welding and Japanese trolley gas-electric vertical welding equipment, which can be used in both formal and flip-chip construction.The equipment adopts the servo system in the automatic welding process, and the closed-loop control welding trolley is used to control the upward lifting speed, thereby achieving the effect of stabilizing the weld pool and completing the automatic welding of the longitudinal weld of the large storage tank or the blast furnace and the tower.

The complete set of equipment consists of welding system and gantry, welding windproof frame (with lateral walking control system), welding lifting operation platform trolley, welding automatic control system, swing control system, cooling water circulation system and so on.The walking device adopts the modular combination design, and the function of the front and the reverse loading can be conveniently realized by adjusting the installation position. The welding swing control system is configured as a linear oscillator.

This equipment adopts the patented "CNC adaptive gas-electric vertical welding trolley technology (patent number: ZL200920231033.1)" PLC full-closed program control technology, overcomes the problem of low reliability and easy damage of analog circuits under the traditional analog circuit control mode, ensures that the equipment can work continuously and stably under complicated and harsh construction conditions.The vertical seam welding effect can also eliminate the need for rework of the arcing section as in the case of the normal canning, further improving the automation of the welding. Equipped with a large-capacity cooling water tank to ensure continuous construction in high temperature environments.


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Technical parameter

➤ Applicable diameter: vertical cylinder of φ6 meters or more;

➤ Applicable materials: carbon steel, high strength steel, alloy steel, etc.;

➤ processing plate thickness: 8m ~ 45mm;

➤ Groove form: V-shaped groove of 8m~22mm steel plate, X-shaped groove of 22~45mm steel plate;

➤ Applicable panel: Flip 1.6m ~ 2.5m, formal dress 1.6m ~ 2.8m;

➤ Suitable for welding process: gas-electric vertical welding, gas-shielded welding;

➤ Construction method: both positive and negative.

Equipment model: inverted gas-electric vertical welding machine, formal gas-electric vertical welding machine, positive/inverted gas-electric vertical welding machine, marine vertical welding machine, low-temperature/crude oil storage tank dual-purpose vertical welding machine, etc.